Children with disabilities were once considered a burden on society. In the developed world, children with disabilities are being given the opportunity to develop their innate talents through proper planning. In many countries, children with disabilities are becoming an asset to the country. Following this, the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, under the Ministry of Social Welfare, published the Comprehensive Special Education Policy on Disability, 2009. As a result, children with disabilities all over Bangladesh and their parents see the light of hope. Disabled schools were being constructed in every Upazila. Following this, Dhanaidaha Haque Autistic & Buddhi Protibondhi Biddaloy was established in 2018 in Dhanaidaha village of No-4 Nagar Union, Baraigram Upazila of Natore district. After the establishment of the school, the door of new possibilities opened for the students and parents of 11 neighboring unions. There are no schools nearest to Dhanaidaha Haque Autistic & Buddhi Protibondhi Biddaloy for handicapped children. Since the establishment of the school, there has been a huge response from all, and the parents have very sincerely admitted their children to the school and spontaneously brought the children to the school.


Dhanaidaha Haque Autistic & Buddhi Protibondhi Biddaloy is located 1 km away from Highway (Dhaka-Pabna-Rajshahi) on Akhand Road (Dhanaidaha-Lalpur-Bagha-Rajshahi or Dhanaidaha-Chandpur-Ishwardi). The land was donated by Mrs. Lutfunnesa, who first gave permission to run the school on a part of her house adjacent to the land. She later assisted in the construction of the school building. The school has electricity and all other facilities. At the initial stage, 5 classrooms with verandah and two disability-friendly toilets were constructed with a local grant. Necessary materials are purchased for each room. These types of equipment include 24 Pair of Benches, 4 Whiteboards, 21 Chairs, 3 Tables, 2 Computers, 1 Printer, 1 IP Camera, 1 Cupboard, Almirah, 17 Ceiling Fans, 1 Notice Board, 2 Digital Signboards, 15 LED Electric Bulbs, 7 Wheelchairs, 6 Three-wheeler Walkers, 1 Pair of Scratches, 1 Blind Stick, Some Therapy Equipment, Tubewell, Two Lecture Stands, 3 Sets of Flashcard, Globe, World & Bangladesh Map, Some Sports Equipments, 3 Sets of Alphabet Toys, Bathroom Scale, First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher, TemPerature Measuring Instruments, Height Measurement Scale, Sewing MaChine, Introduction to Subject-Based Festoons of Animal, Fruit, Flower, Fish, Alphabet etc.