7 March Speech of Bangabandhu

This day is very significant for the Bengali nation. In 1952, the brave boys of Bengal showed rare courage by outpouring blood for the language. Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar, and other brave children of Bengal who did not know their names showed their respect and love for the language. By outpouring fresh blood from their chests, they established Bengali as the state language of then East Pakistan. Respecting this sacrifice of the Bengali nation, UNESCO declared this day International Mother Language Day in 1999.


Dhanaidaha Haque Autistic & Buddhi Protibondhi Biddaloy has been celebrating this day with due dignity since its establishment. The national flag is hoisted at half-mast on the day. Besides, laying the flower bouquet at Shaheed Minar and discussing the significance of the day is an essential part of the program of the day. The day's activities are concluded by organizing prayers for the language martyrs.