Md. Tanjiar Hossen

Assistant Teacher


Md. Tanziar Hossain was born on 20 October 1982 in Ramagari village of the first Jowari union, Baraigram Upazila, Natore district. Father Md. Akbar Ali Mandal was a private employee and mother Mst. Mahima Khatun was a housewife. He is the eldest among the two brothers.



He studied at Ramagari Government Primary School at the primary level. Later, he was educated at the secondary level at the renowned St. Joseph's High School in the Humanities branch and completed SSC in the second division. He completed HSC from the Humanities department at Bonpara Degree College and passed with second division. After that, he pursued B.Sc. Honors from Political Science Department from Government Edward College, Pabna, one of the country's top schools, with second class. Lastly, he completed his M.Sc. in Political Science from Government Rajshahi College and achieved second class.


Social activities:

During his student life, he was more inclined toward social service and human service. Especially, while in college, he undertook a number of social activities. He tried to solve the issue of begging. To this end, two beggars have been rehabilitated. In addition, he established a library in the village Ramagari. In every Eid, he, his friends, and other villagers deliver food to the underprivileged people. Besides, on February 25, 2003, he contributed by volunteering to the collection of a maximum of 45 bags of blood in the Department of Political Science through a partner organization with the help of Mr. Chandramohan Hawladar, a Faculty member of the Government Edward College, Pabna Political Science Department in collaboration with organization unified with Sandhani Blood Donation.



After completing his education, he joined CDS NGO in 2009 as a supervisor. Then he served as a marketing officer in the Abul Khair group for three years. Later, he worked as an assistant manager for some time in SATU NGO. Nextly, from 2018, under the Ministry of Social Welfare Conducted (as per 2009 Special Education Policy on Persons with Disabilities) Md. Tanziar Hossain has been successfully performing his duties as an Assistant Teacher in Dhanaidaha Haque Autistic & Buddhi Protibondhi Biddaloy.


Future plans:

The main goal is to work for the development of children with disabilities and take initiative and implement it properly so that the children with special needs get vocational education along with academic education so that these children can function as normal people in society and become independent. Above all, through proper planning, establish Dhanaidaha Haque Autistic & Buddhi Protibondhi Biddaloy as the best and exemplary institution in the world, so that other schools can follow or imitate the institution.