Gulshanara Shiba

Assistant Teacher


Mst. Gulshanara Siba was born on January 1, 1990, in Jotdaibaki village of the first Lalpur union, Lalpur Upazila of Natore district. Father Md. Abul Hashem pursued higher education from Pabna Award College of that time. He later turned his attention to business. Her mother Mrs. Monowara Begum is a housewife. She is the youngest sister of her three brothers.



She studied at the primary level at Lalpur Khatimunnesa (KN) Government Primary School. Her secondary education was at Lalpur Khatimunnesa (KN) High School, and she graduated from the science department with an ‘A’ from college. Later, she passed Higher Secondary Examination with ‘B’ Grade from Science Department, Lalpur Khatimunnesa (KN) High Secondary School and College. Then, she pursued 4 years of BSc Honors and Master’s from the Department of Psychology in the second department with success from the renowned National University College, Rajshahi College of Bangladesh.


Other courses:

She has completed 3-months basic course in computer. Additionally, under the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, she completed a 15-day long training on child education activities under Reaching Out of School Dildren Rusk Phase-2 project.  Also, under the Save the Children and the implementing agency SIP (Social and Economic Enhancement Programme), she pursued a 10-day-long teaching-based training.



During her graduation, she was employed as a teacher at Shaheen School and College (Rajshahi Branch). Then after completing her Master’s, since 2018, under the Ministry of Social Welfare Conducted (as per the 2009 Special Education Policy on Persons with Disabilities) Mst. Gulshanara Siba has been successfully performing her duties as an Assistant Teacher in Dhanaidaha Haque Autistic & Buddhi Protibondhi Biddaloy.


Future plans:

The main goal is to work for the development of children with disabilities; take initiative and implement it properly so that the children with special needs get vocational education along with academic education so that these children can function as normal people in society and become independent and pursue a Master’s of Special Education (MSED) course in order to improve the quality of education for children with special needs.  Above all, through proper planning, she aims to establish Dhanaidaha Haque Autistic & Buddhi Protibondhi Biddaloy as the best and most exemplary institution in the world, so that other schools can follow or imitate the institution.